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Designing, cooking, archiving, drawing, art directing, researching, writing, painting, story telling, collecting, translating and hosting in Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo.


Graphic designer and visual artist from Montevideo (UY) currently based in Rio de Janeiro (BR). Interested in food, art, culture and latin studies.


Bachelor of Social Communication - Specialized in Advertising and Marketing, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. jan 2017 - dec. 2020


Senior Designer at Boobam - since 2022.

Designer at Bandeira - a freelance design project founded with Sofia Tomé - since 2020.

Awards and recognitions

Latin American Design Awards, 2023 - Shortlist: Boobam, Branding.


Tentativas de Escapatória - Workshop by Guilherme Falcão, at Espaço.CC. August 2023.

LPD - Leer para Diseñar - Reading club by Diego Valiña. May to July 2023.


Tentativas de Escapatória, 2023 - Oriented by Guilherme Falcão at Espaço.CC - Publication of the reasearch conducted at the workshop.

Fairs and Exhibitions

Printed Art Fair — 25th Feira Tijuana - Editorial and Graphic Project for the Micro-Publisher Correio Monstro for the at MAM Rio de Janeiro - September, 2023.